Photo Gallery

Restoration Area Native, Invasive and Seedling Photos

Below are photo galleries of both the native plants we are trying to promote and the invasive plants we are attempting to control. We hope these photos will help develop a greater appreciation of trailside flora during your hikes.

Native Trees & Shrubs

From majestic Koa Trees and gorgeous huge hibiscus trees to semiwoody ko’oko’olau (Bidens sp.), and from native lobelias with spectacular purple flowers to climbing ie’ie vines, we have dozens of species that are hard to find elsewhere on O’ahu unless you are willing to do strenuous hikes to the mountain summits.

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Native Understory Plants

Native ferns and mosses provide a green panorama of textures in the understory throughout the year. We have quite a nice diversity of ferns in the area including tree ferns and diminutive and delicate ferns, some common, and some not so common.

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Invasive Plants

Many of these plants will be familiar to hikers.  Within the restoration site, we are working to eradicate all invasive non-native species.

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