An unexpected surprise

One nice thing about restoring a remnant native forest is the chance to come across something cool. We can be weeding through a patch of thimbleberry when we might come across a naupaka (Scaevola gaudichaudiana) or an olapa (Cheirodendron trigynum) for instance. Well, about 2 years back, we had cut down a thick stand of monotypic bamboo. In that intervening time a lot of koa (Acacia koa) and mamaki (Pipturus albidus) came up and are doing well now. Nothing too shocking there. But what also came up in that clearing was this plant.

Phyllostegia glabra

This is one of the native mints Phyllostegia glabra. It has not been recorded from our area in a long time. How did it get here? Perhaps somebody brought it. Or it got here on its own via endozoochorous means. Another interesting theory is that it was here all along, in the seed bank since before the bamboo encroached upon this part of the forest decades ago. Either way, we’ll take care of this native plant and hope there are many other species waiting in the seed bank for their chance in the sun…


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